Hi, my name is Amy.
I'm an interactive
& visual designer in Brisbane.

Highlighted Projects


Deliciae Typeface

Deliciae is a sans-serif display font which, through thorough exploration and research into influential historic movements, encompasses elegance, legibility and artistic expression. The font harnesses the expressive and fluid lines of Art Nouveau and incorporates subtle structure of Modern type to evoke functionality and legibility.

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It Girls of the Eras - a photo series

This fascination between old and new, particularly through fashion, beauty and technology is the basis of this series. With vintage fashion and beauty trends often resurfacing and becoming popular again, it reflects on an aspect of society repeating itself.

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Layout Design

On The Wall Magazine

On the Wall is a graphic, street art design magazine created to suit the demographic of 18 to 29 year olds. Inspiration was sourced from street art, pop art and indie design magazines such as Hi Fructose, JuxtaPoz, Plastik and No Cure as they display bold and vibrant imagery in an interesting yet effective way.

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Web Design, UX/UI Design

Ung Til Ung Website & Campaign

This is a redesign for Ung til Ung, a danish wellbeing platform designed for 16-35 year olds seeking support with stress, mental health and life issues. This project aims to target and attract the male user base that Ung til Ung lacks. This project was produced at my time at DMJX (Danish School of Media & Journalism).

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Print Design

Burial Rites

This project was a book cover redesign of Hannah Kent's "Burial Rites" novel. Burial Rites is a tale of personal freedom, murder, survival of life and death and the extensive lengths we go to risk everything for love. Along with the book cover, promotional posters were developed displaying the central themes of the novel; murder, religion and love.

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